Devil Women’s Costume TuTu Micro Mini with Horns Fancy Dress

$ 39.99

Sizes: One Fit M/L – 2XL
US Sizes: 6/8, 12
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Women’s Costume Sexy Devil

Sizes: One Fit for M/ & , 2XL
US Sizes: 6/8, 12
Three Piece Sexy Devil Costume set includes Head Piece, Pitch Fork, Lace-up Dress with Sequin Flame Detail and Marabou Trim.
* BLACK DRESS with Red frills giving a dangerous “INNOCENCE”
* SEXY Lace up front to allure ant Red Blooded Man
* Frilled long sleeves with mesh highlight ends
* Raised Collar for that eerie look
Devil costume in black fitting 3XL
Devil Woman Costume TuTu Micro Mini Size Chart

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